My Campaigns and Adventures


Annexa 125

Annexa is one of my two standard fantasy worlds.

Set in the year 125BE most of the known world of Annexa is controlled by the magephobic , Buisenle Empire. The Eastern continent of the world is fairly civilised to approximately standard fantasy tech level and has very little wilderness areas, as a result of continued expansion by the Empire and it enlightened policy of Monster bounties. Which have cleared many unusual and dangerous creatures from the Empire's Lands.

However for the truly adventurous the Empire has just opened up expansion and colonisation following the discovery of the Western Continent. Here many dangers lies , including unusual untrustworthy non-human peoples.

Despite the dislike of Mage's unusual magical artifacts are sort out for private collections by the nobles of the Empire.

Annexa 600

475 years later a lots has changed

The Empire has fallen following a short and decisive war with the Magic users who had fled East to what are know called the "Isles of Magic' . These islands are one of the very few cosmopolitan areas around. Most of the Eastern continent is just beginning to settle down following the collapse of the Empire, and we have seen Nations start to rise in the last Century. The borders for the next few Centuries will probably now stay where they currently are.

However many varied prejudices exist in the different nations, some are still hostile to Mages and blame them for their current state. This particularly true in Buisenle where what is left of the Empire struggles on, although with Magic now legalised. Elsewhere other prejudices exist so roaming adventures must be careful.

Most people have heard tales of and many have even seen a few of the unusual races like Dwarves, Elves and Trolls which exist on Annexa.

Only those living on the Isles of Magic are likely to see many other races on a day to day basis.

Most campaigns start on the Isles of Magic.

Ars Magica 1660

Players are younger members of an Autumn convent set around Cambridge . Probably starting about 1659-60,

Often the players get to do even odder thing for their covenant, than in the usual Ars Magica campaign. Or maybe some of this thing just seem so odd because they are so mundane.

However it becomes slowly clear that something is threatening the whole order of Hermes.

Sources of inspiration of this campaign include the works of Neil Stephenson.

Corriane Feudal Era

My other standard fantasy world, this much closer to the generic fantasy cannon

This era is set with the core western countries around Deciam, at this time all of these countries still had active monarchies and lived in a feudal culture of knights lords, baron etc.

A number of crusades left the eastern countries of these group to the attack the round-earthers to the west. Indeed the believe by the easterner at the time of a flat earth prevent the discovery of Jefram for Millennium as it lied beyond the believed (at hence true) edge of the universe. Even after the conclusion of the crusades it took many hundreds of years for enough to people to *really* believe Corianne was round.

The round-earther of mores sophisticated than the flat-earthers in many ways particularly in their use of gun-powder (although still limited) and lenses.

The only race in this part of Corriane is Human.

Corriane Commercial Era/The Times of Change

It is thought that most campaigns set in this time period would centre around Myarport. Myarport is major port settlement on a new opened up coast, a Frontier town here humanity is mixing with other races for the first time.

Once belief in the 'edge of the world' had diminished it became possible to travel to Jefram , however the western side of the continent proved harsh and although a number of small colonies exists and are now readily expanding.

However A round-earther who travel beyond Jefram discovering the New colonies,which provided a rich number of new animal and plants of which western curiosity took hold starting a profitable trade route up for spices and other exotics.

Human society in this time still values the hereditary titles bestowed and granted during the Feudal era, but the power of the Guilds have diminished the singular importance of these ranks.

Particularly since long distance trade and guilds have allowed many to reach similar levels of fiscal security. Much conflict exists between the 'New' and 'Old' Monies.

Virtualised World

This is world were most people are born , live and die in a virtual world seemingly similar to late 20th century earth , without knowing what is outside.

And what is outside?

Once outside the huge of underground installations where people bodies are kept, while they continue they fantasy lives unknowing and uncaring about the reality, the World is very different. Something has happened - nobody can knows what exactly although there are many theories.

Somethings are clear however , sea level have risen and flood defences have failed . Many cities have fallen through decades or maybe centuries of neglect.

It is also clear that there are other agent at work trying to keep Humans inside the comfortable little virtual World.

But is all even outside the virtual world all it seems to be?

Oh, yes this was inspired by a film or four. And quite a few books actually.

Traveller Campaigns

Science fiction is truly my first love of all the fantasy gaming Genres I place these campaigns together in there own section because more than any of the others than I can easily build a mix and match campaign form the various elements.

Traveller is a huge, and long running world so I haven't provided a lot of links explaining the Traveller background for those that don't know it. Goggle should provide the basics, and more details is probably based hacked out it a discussion with the players when we decide on the campaign.

Traditional Trader/Mercenary

This is a pretty simple campaign type, primarily relying on motivated players who characters are always on the look out for a deal.

I have a number of patron modules collected throughout the years which can provide a jumping off point for this campaign.

Although most of these are short modules original written for convention gaming my experience with them is that the end always left loose ends dangling which ask what happens next.

If the players enjoying trading to the more mercenary I'm quite fond of the idea of running a careful trading game where cargos, duties , authorisations and bureaucratic tangles provide more than enough obstacles to keep the pc's busy .

Political Intrigue & Investigation on the Rim

This campaign will centre around Solomani Rim, where Imperial authorities are always worried about possible uprising form the Solomani movement will turn into a full shooting war.

Players will play one of the following options

The Imperial PsiCorp

This campaign is set in the Spinward Marches which is 'traditional' setting Traveller campaigns.

It will probably take place a little earlier in time Traveller timeline than usual and be set about 1105.

In this campaign the player will form an team of undercover agents working for one of the Intelligence arms of the Empire. Precisely which one to be determined after character generation, so it fits nicely with everyones character.

All or most of the PC will be psionic and will have the General task of rooting out Zhodani spies within the Imperium and making life hard for the Zhodani in general.



I have a large collection of Traveller modules which make great convention games , and I am always happy to run these at a convention if a mutually suitable time can be found . Just ask me.

Star Wars - A Family Affair

A Humorous and fun convention game where the PC are a Family whose parent are undercover agents for the Rebel Alliance.

Everywhere they go they take their Son and Daughter, his Droid and her Pet - who just happens to be teaching her how to control that 'Force' thing.

A Gray Adventure -BETA

This is your opportunity to find out what the Aliens are really up to

It's always the way isn't, you just finished you tour of duty on Earth, and due a nice rest back home, and see some Asgard females, when the other team, (I mean it would be them won't it) leave behind a Hydrogenic Nucleointerference sensor.

The captain decides not trust them to get it back so you have to now. Great, but it should be a milk run for your last trip back to the dirt ball.

All that Glitters

A fantasy adventure set on Annexa around 124 BE.

The players start out with an invitation His Imperial Majesty requests and requires your presence at his Embassy where you will be given the opportunity to re claim your lost fortunes.

His Imperial Majesty Cleon III wishes to remain all his subjects that use of the dark arts of magic is clearly evil and as such punishable, by summary execution.

Hmm I do hope there not Mage in the Party.