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Odds and Ends

Binutils patch ...or finding resource dependencies.

This patch adds an output format called 'dep' to the binutils windres utilities which compiles windows resource files.

This file though can refer to other files , usually .ico ow .cur files for embedding in the final object file. The patch chnages the behaviour of windres to list these files.

The rationale behind this patch is so the the dependencies of a resource object can be included in a make file. I use this for instance so that I can keep my icon files as xpm rather than .ico formats and trasnlate them on under the command of make, which is useful in cross-platform build envoironments.

This is against a ancient version of binutils, use it at your own risk

Download it!

GURPS 4e Spreadsheet.

This is a very simple cost totaliser for building GUPRS characters. It was originally written for a historic versionofo openoffice as sxc, file but I've vcovnerted it to ods to make it more useful. [GURPS4 ods file] [GURPS4 sxc file]