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My Software


Lpr is a remote print job submision written, in 'C'. Although derived from BSD sources, hence K&R C, the source has been ANSI-ised quite a lot in a attempt to make it portable. However a number of platform specific fucntions are used. Currently only available for Acorn RISC-OS


Syslogger is a library which provide the 'posix' syslog interface to other platforms,sending the log messages to the appropriate port on a remote host. The main code is written in ANSI 'C', and just needs an small amount of extra programming to support the appproiate linking structure of other platforms. A veneer file is provided for Win32 systems.

Note: This library still requires a nearby un*x box running syslogd or similiar to recieve the messages.



Dumbfs is a new filing filing system for linux.

This is a dumb idea. Linux has too man already. ;-)

The filing systems is to do somthing that I'm not yet revealing but may be better done in user space. This to makes it a Dumb idea.

Final the filing system can (currently) only support two files, guess what this to is dumb.

You can probaby see where the name comes from now too.



SocketFS is a streams based filing system currently only available for Acorn's Risc-Os platform. The transport functions all written in hand-coded ARM code, with a small amount of C to handle file setup.

This module is also and example of how to use C in modules with using the CMHG tool. (As is Andy Armstrong's  X-Files filing system.)



The Autowidget::HTML to simplify 'simple' user entry form for CGI scripting. It make the generation of dialog box relatively straight forward and allow easily abstraction of data

This is the recode as part of an attempt to share code with the upcoming AutoWidget::Curses suite.



Net Throw, is a contraction of 'Network Throwback'. This is a system for allowing a remote compter to generate throwback messages, to be display (or processed in some other way), on the server machine. Currently the server software only exists for Acorn's Risc-Os platform.

Throwback messages are generaly error messages from a batch translator program such as a language compiler. The purpose of NetThrow is to allow Risc-Os Editors and the associated throwback mechanism to be used when dealling with work on foriegn platforms.


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The odds and end pages is for small stuff I haven't put elsewhere.

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