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DumbFs is a new linux filingsystem, which I was writing to support a silly idea and Dumb idea I had about 15years agos . If you look it is written against some rather historic kernel versions.

At the moment it only supports 2 files. which are always there. So it pretty dumb.

I do have an reason of wanting this fs but someone will probably claim it's a user space problem. I don't think it is, (due to balancing requirements with other processes). So the whole idea is probably dumb too.


I'm not telling any at the moment but you can alway use the source.


As with all open-source and similiar software, please feel free to send bug-reports, or even better patches, after all since you've got the source why wait for me to fix the bugs when you cn do it yourself.

But please take care. No flames yet..

Send me any patches though so the whole FS gets better.


Only one version currently exists 0.01 this is only coded and compiled. As yet I haven't run it to see how badly it crashes and burns. I've now got as far as updating to compile (only) on 2.5.7 and use bk. So there now a bk patch against that. From now on, you'll prolly find all my dumbfs stuff as bk patches.

DumbFS 0.01

[Download Patch for 0.01 against kernel 2.5.0]
[Download BK Patch for 0.01 against kernel 2.5.7]


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