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Netthrow is a system where by those of us who like using RISC-OS as a development envoirnment can get throwback to our favourite editor from a compiler running on a remote host. It comes as a number of seperate parts

  1. A Server, this is a RMA module written in hand coded armcode.
  2. Client stubs, you need one of these for each type of translation tool you wish to use. egg. gcc ans gas whuld be able to use a single client, but .. needs a different one.


Currently I have only written the server but will be working on clients. My clients will probaly be in the form of perl scripts which expect have the compiler's output piped through to them.

However you our welcome to write yur own clients, though for the time being you will need a working knowledge (or the DDEUtils manual) of Acorns throwback system, as the only documentation to the protocol is in the source comments.

I intend to make this a respority of availablle clients here so that the systen can grow to general usefulnes amongst those of use he bieleve that Zap or StrongEd ar the worlds best editors.

The server has a very simple protocol, the opening of a connection to the NetThrow port (currently 5322) cause the start of a throwback session, if this starts without error then the server response wiht "+OK\r\n", if there is an error the server sends the error message down the connection then close it.

Each following line then is a throwback message of the form..

   Msgtype filenane lineno severity Errmsg 
Where message type and severity are decimal numbers as document in the throwback protocol. The filename must not contain whitespace or control characters.

If the parsing and message sending is seccuessflu then the sever responses with "+OK" again of if an error occuers it resonsed with "-ERR errmsg"

Closing of the connection terminates the throwback session.


They're GPL'd you'll neede Objasm for the server, and possibly perl for the clients.

To Do

  1. Write a whole pile of clients.
  2. Test servers re-entrancyy characterstics.
  3. Ensure server correctly releases resource in the case of a failed initialisation
Unfortunately I know don't use RISC-OS so I'm unlikely to ever finish it. You can have whats here though.

Download It

The available parts to date are :-

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