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Roger's Software Source

Who am I?

That would be telling really. But if you must know follow that link to a boringly simple page detailing my main interests. If you hadn't guessed by now.

Want do I want?

This heading is really a homage to Babylon 5. Of course I want fame and glory, So go on and find wonderful uses for the software elsewhere on this site.

The software.

Currently this page contains a number of pieces of software for your use and edification. Telo, Lpr, Syslogger, HTML::AutoWidget, PatchViewer and SocketFS. Click on this link to see an overview of each or go straight to the home page of each piece seperately with the links below.

  • Telo - testlanguage for objects, the various XXXunit modules supercede this and do a a better job
  • Patch Viewer - Deprecated an old shell script to enable Side-by-side viewinf of diff files. Again better tools now exist.

You might want to take a look at this though..

Historic files I still distribute

Nothing here has been touched in about 10 years amy be longer, most of cmy current works goes onto github or bitbucket

But just below at the bottom there are some links to some old projects.

[Lpr] [HTML::AutoWidget] [Syslogger] [NetThrow] [Dumbfs] [SocketFS] [Odds and Ends Page]